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iBeacon identifies Apple’s Bluetooth-based beacon technology which allows Bluetooth Beacon to transmit and receive minimal level of data within short distances. The standard beacon message or data includes an UUID (universally unique identifier), a significant along with a minor value only.

While the idea of ‘beacon’ is applicable to all hardware compatible with the Bluetooth Low Energy within the Bluetooth 4. specification with iOS being the initial platform introducing this technology on the market, the fundamental thought of BLE was originally devised by Nokia. The name ‘iBeacon’ has been trademarked by Apple for the standard beacon protocol.

The iBeacon is definitely an innovative low-cost technology that pulls Location Based Services in iOS to help you apps determine their position over a micro-local scale, then send hyper-contextual content to users in accordance with the location. iBeacons, however, usually do not use latitude and longitude to define locations, instead rely upon Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal, for the iOS devices to detect them.

To sum it, the iBeacon technology involves two parts – broadcaster or sender (beacon device) and a receiver (smartphone and app).

Since the Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE technology consumes low energy, it can be ideal for simple applications involving minimal periodic transfers of web data. An iBeacon periodically broadcasts a Low-Energy Bluetooth (L.E.B.) signal that could be captured by any iOS devices nearby.

Based on the data received the iOS device could be now responsible to correctly interpret the content and perform action accordingly. Today the iBeacon technology will continue to work on the compatible iOS device which has iOS 7 or later together with Bluetooth facility turned on.

In simple words, the Bluetooth Low Energy Communication may be explained as small items of data, advertised or broadcasted at frequent intervals with the beacon via radio waves. The iBeacon app development are completed is such a way these groups of data will probably be received by devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod, where they can be used for various smartphone applications, causing things such as push messages, prompts yet others.

The typical technology for iBeacon necessitates a set 100 ms interval. Frequent broadcasting for faster discovery by devices is achievable but it shall modify the battery life of your iBeacons.

The iBeacon technology can do performing more than simply sending meaningful data. The scope and limitation from the technology will even rely on the sort of the hardware it has been installed into. While cheaper devices might just emit the basic iBeacon protocol, other devices could also offer additional features like sound or light activation, temperature sensing and motion control.

Since iBeacons depend on a popular technology like Bluetooth which happens to be easily available on almost every device without requiring a large amount of power, they could be tactfully applied in multiple areas.

Through an iBeacon network helps brands, retailers, apps or platforms figure out wherein a customer is within close proximity. This creates an environment for them to send clients hyper-local and meaningful messages/advertisements that may again be instrumental in driving sales.

Each time a customer with an iBeacon compatible device arrives at a store, the apps on his device will alert him once it catches the signal of the iBeacons installed inside the store. It shall send a relevant data to the server, upon which app actions, push notifications, etc occur. The simple messages may be special discounts and limited offers or perhaps reminders and for that reason can enhance your shopping experiences. Going by this, it could be asserted that iBeacons have certainly introduced a fresh means for brand communications.

Recent studies reveal that iBeacons will also be being regarded as helpful mediums that could be used on educational context. For example, simple games involving students to learn and unveil things and also scientific experiments may be supported via iBeacons. They are being seen a good tool that could drive young minds towards different subjects like technology, logic, geography, etc.